What to do after a sauna



The best way to enjoy your sauna is by alternating between the relaxing heat of the sauna and the refreshing cool of a shower.

Most people will stay in their sauna for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time and then get out to take a 5-minute, cool shower.

Sauna lovers tend to find that three of these cycles are just about the ideal amount of time for a really good sauna bathing session.

You can, of course, take a sauna at any time of day, but if your sauna session is in the early evening then it will certainly help to soothe you off into a good night’s long sleep.

So after you have taken your last shower, what are the best things that you should do?

A time to cool down.

The first stage of recuperation from a good sauna session is the transition from sweating to not sweating.

Taking a shower after a saunaThe shower will cool you down but your body is still used to perspiring and so a little too much heat at this stage can quickly start you sweating again.

It will take a minimum of 15 minutes for your body to readjust although this transition phase is a key part in the relaxation mechanism that a sauna triggers.

If you get fully dressed and rush on with getting ‘back to your life’ you will negate many of the benefits that the sauna has given you.


Time to get comfortable.

When you have stopped sweating and feel that you have cooled off then slip into some loose, comfortable clothes.

Don’t over-dress. Your system is still very sensitive and can easily be triggered back into sweat-mode.

Quench that thirst.

You need to re-hydrate, so you need to drink.

What you drink is up to you, but you should avoid alcohol. Water works very well – and is calorie free – but fruit juices or sports drinks can also be taken.

Don’t drink too much. Take a little, and then take a little more.

Take a bite to eat.

You should have left at least an hour after your last meal before taking the sauna so it will now be almost a couple of hours since you have had anything to eat.

You might feel the need for something salty; you will have lost quite a lot of salt during your sweat bathing session.

Of course, you have just done something incredibly healthy, so fruit or fresh vegetables might be appropriate. Lots of people enjoy melon or watermelon after a sauna as the moist fruit quenches their thirst as well as addressing their appetite.

Time for bed?

If you took your sauna session in the evening, then you can look forward to a great night’s sleep.

In any event, try to enjoy the sense of relaxation and calm that the sauna has given you and put off anything that might break that mood for as long as possible.

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